uPVC is a fantastic insulator, assisting your overall window unit to keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter. uPVC profiles, unlike aluminium frames, do not conduct heat, therefore preventing high temperatures from entering your home in the hotter months.

uPVC windows and doors with their excellent acoustic insulation property gives you the perfect outside view and at the same time keeps away the outside noise and chaos.

In the current real estate situation where space is limited and providing everyone enough room is a big challenge. With Delight Window’s ultra-modern and affordable products which are designed in such a way that they are installed in minimum space without making any compromise on the aesthetics.

uPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for window frames. It is known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable and long lasting. Low cost – uPVC tends to be considerably cheaper than aluminium and timber and provides more benefits